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Pre sale Timber Pest Inspections


Pre Purchase Timber Pest/Termite Inspections are essential before buying a home or building to ensure the property does not have any timber pest problems.


A Pre Purchase Inspection includes a thorough inspection of the property, noting in the written report any potential hazards such as past or present termite or pest activity and/or damage, fungal decay, drainage problems and any conditions conducive to timber pest attack. 

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An ALLHART Pest Management Termite Inspection includes a visual inspection of the following areas (where readily accessible)

  • All subfloor areas including foundation walls, piers, behind plumbing pipes, loose timbers, builder's debris and stored materials.
  • Timbers such as bottom plates, base plates, bearers, joists and the underside of flooring and all other timbers especially those close to plumbing and drains.
  • Timbers in contact with soil, such as stumps, posts and formwork or any other cellulose containing material.

Interior Areas

  • Interior walls, ceilings, partitioning, stairways, flooring, skirting boards, cupboards and timbers around windows and doors.
  • Behind plumbing and around pipe penetrations through slab-on-ground construction with particular attention paid to all timbers adjacent to plumbing or plumbing fixtures.
  • Fireplaces.

Roof Space:

  • Timber roof truss members and roof framing including rafters, ceiling joists, ridgeboards and purlins
  • Top wall plates and accessible roof or wall juncture (eaves) timbers.
  • Roof lining, around air conditioning units and water heaters.

Exterior Areas

  • Eaves, window and door frames and walls, noting excessive moisture and probable causes such as defective drainage, plugged or damaged gutters and inadequate ventilation or sealing against moisture.
  • Slab edges including any cracks and expansion joints.
  • Timber that rests on or extends into concrete or soil such as supporting posts on decks.
  • Paths and driveways abutting the building.
  • Stairways, decks, handrails.
  • Rafters such as those in the carport or garage that protrude from the roof or eaves area.
  • Landscaping timbers, fences, logs, pool surrounds, firewood, paving blocks and sleepers.
  • Trees and stumps


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