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General Pest Control - Rats and Mice


Rodent Control

ALLHART Pest Management provides safe and effective treatment methods for the prevention and eradication of Rats and Mice.

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Rats and Mice can harm humans and animals by spreading diseases from their parasites and faeces and can cause extensive damage to properties, create fire hazards and destroy crops. 

Rats and Mice belong to the order of mammals known as rodents.  Rodents top and bottom incisor teeth grow continuously, consequently they chew to wear them back.  They can cause extensive damage to your home, gnawing through building materials and electrical wires as well as contaminate your food and surfaces with urine and excrement.

An adult rat can squeeze into your home through a hole as small as 2.5cm and mice 8mm, they also have the ability to climb almost any surface and eat almost anything.  Just as we have grease on our hair so do rodents and continual use of the same entry points and pathways will cause a build up of dirt and grease.

An infestation of rodents in your roof space will sometimes be accompanied by a strong urine smell, especially if they've been there for some time.  Other ways to recognise signs of infestation is finding chewed articles in your cupboards, chewed insulation or wiring in your roof space, or droppings etc.

If there is a problem in your garden with rats, this will show up as runs along the edges through the vegetation, as rats usually use the same pathways. 



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