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General Pest Control - Wasps


ALLHART Pest Management provide safe and effective pest control treatment methods tailored to individual requirements to eradicate wasps from your home or business.

Wasps are insects often confused with bees, they have two pairs of wings the hind wings smaller than the forewings and can be distinguished from  bees because of their pointed body and slender waist.  Wasps are predators of other insects and often play an important role in natural biocontrol in many environments .

Paper wasp above
The paper wasp are common around the outside of homes and in gardens. The common paper wasp are 10-15 millimetres long, yellow with dark bands across the body and slender with long thin wings.  They make nests from chewed up wood fibre and saliva. They have a painful sting that can be used repeatedly and may attack any person approaching or disturbing their nest.

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