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General Pest Control - Beetles

ALLHART Pest Management provide safe and effective pest control treatment methods for the prevention and eradication of Beetles.

There are over 28000 species of Beetle in Australia, most of which are not considered pests.  They eat just about anything as larvae and adults, such as leaves, wood, dung, fungi, nectar, seeds, each other and other insects.

Common Beetle Pests

Variegated  Carpet Beetle

The variegated Carpet Beetle is mottled yellow, white and black with a compact, rounded, oval body, 2-3 millimetres long. The larvae are brown in colour and covered in bristles.  They can damage carpets, furnishings, insulation and wall hangings.


Sawtoothed Grain Beetle
Sawtoothed Grain Beetles are brown, slender and flat, about 2.5mm to 3mm long.  They infest stored food products such as cereal, grain, flour, dried fruits, pasta, sugar, medication, spices, herbs, etc.  The beetles can chew through sealed packaging such as cardboard boxes, plastic bags and foil wrappings.
Lawn beetle/African black beetle
Adult African black beetles are shiny black, 14- 25mm long and causes damage as it consumes roots of a wide variety of plants.  The favoured plant of the black beetle is grass.




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