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General Pest Control - Silver Fish

ALLHART Pest Management provide safe and effective pest control treatment methods for the prevention and eradication of Silverfish.

Silverfish are small, wingless insects typically 13-25 mm.  They have soft, elongated, flattened bodies with an even silvery sheen (newly hatched are whitish in colour) and can be identified by three long whisker-like appendages, cerci, coming from the rear of their abdomen (one off the end, one extending to the right, and one to the left), two long antennae on their head and two small compound eyes, their abdomens taper at the end, giving them a fish-like appearance. 

Silverfish inhabit moist areas and can be found in bathrooms, garages, wardrobes and storage areas.  They feed on carbohydrates such as sugar or starch and can cause damage to paper goods including books and wall paper as well as contaminate food and stain clothing with their faeces.



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